Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hide Current View Dropdown from ribbon

In this post, I am describing that how to hide a dropdown from Sharepoint dialog ribbon where you have an infopath List form with multiple views.

Infopath List forms allows you to develop multiple views of the form.You can switch views depending upon your specific criteria or condition. When you create multiple views, a dropdown appear having the List of Views that you have made in the dialog ribbon i.e. when you initiate that form by adding new item to that list or by editing your existing item in the list, the infopath form will appear in sharepoint dialog in which there is a dropdown name “Current View” on the ribbon. 

Depending upon your scenario, you may want to hide this dropdown from users. So, here is the solution:
Open the form in infopath.
Select Page Design. Now you see the Views section (from where you have created the form views)

Select properties. A form will open with the selected view’s properties.
Uncheck the box labeled “show on the view menu when filling out this form”.

Publish the form and you are done.
Happy Exploring.